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    China Intercontinental Communication Co., Ltd. Address: F3, Building C, Recreo International Center,Wangjing East Road No.8, Wangjing Science & Technology Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

    Zip: 100102

    Disclaimer and Copyright Notice  

    A. All information provided and published on our website is to introduce Xinjiang of China objectively to internet users. Through introducing the progress and development of Xinjiang, our website, nonprofit, provide information for users to know Xinjiang better. We never do anything that will harm the state and personal interests.  

    B. Any media, website and business institution should not copy or distort the content published on our website for business use.  

    C. Any media, website and individuals should not reprint, link and Works sourced from our website without our written authorization. Works with our written authorization should be added with "China Xinjiang Website". In violation of the above-mentioned statement, our website will be held related liability.  

    D. Source and author's name should be included when reprint an article. Any reprint that caused the third party's copyright is at the own risk.  

    E. Copyright of works not sourced from our website belongs to the original author. Reprint works do not standard for our website. For the reason of limited conditions, our website fails to get in touch with the author, or the author does not allow to published the work, should contact us in 30 days. Any media, website and individuals should notify the source for reprint and afford the legal obligation.  

    F. Any discrepancy content of our website should obey the state law.

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